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Mesomorph: Definition, Body Type Characteristics, Workout & Diets

mesomorph body type benefits, workout and diets
Mesomorph Definition What is a mesomorph? We all have the same basic body structure, but specific characteristics can determine what body type you are. This classification is known as somatotype, which rates your body as ectomorph, mesomorph, or endomorph. In this article we’ll focus on the mesomorphic body type.1 If ...
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Yucca Root – Nutrition, Benefits, Side Effects & How to Cook

yucca root nutrition and benefits
Yucca Root: What is it? Yucca root or Yucca schidigera is a plant in the lily family which has multiple medicinal and commercial uses. In North America, this root vegetable grows mostly in Mexico and in the Southwest United States.3 It is also native to parts of Africa, Asia and ...
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Pre-workout meals, snacks, and supplements
One of the most important terms in the fitness world is “pre-workout”. The prep and dedication devoted to getting the most out of a workout for some is sacred. However, pre-workout prep isn’t limited to elite athletes and dedicated gym rats. Pre-workout means fueling the body so it has the ...
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Macro Calculator

Macro calculator and how to calculate macros
“Macros” is probably a term you’ve heard floating around in your local gym or health food store. Tracking your macros, or flexible dieting, is an eating lifestyle that is experiencing considerable popularity right now – but what is a “macro”, and how do you calculate it to help achieve your ...
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How to Build Muscle

How to build muscle and lose fat
It comes as no surprise to most of us that in order to build muscle, you have to strength train. However, to a beginner, this concept may not be as simple as it sounds. What kind of exercises should I be doing to train my whole body? Do I have ...
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Body Fat Percentage

Body fat percentage for men, for women and body fat percentage calculator
Losing weight is about more than just seeing your numbers go down on the scale. While this absolutely indicates that you are losing weight, it does not give you any information about what exactly you’re losing as far as body composition. Have you ever found that after months and months ...
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