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waist trainer for men

Waist Trainer For Men

Waist trainers have been used by women for years to trim their waist, get a flatter stomach, and improve their body shape. But it’s not just women who can benefit – the waist trimmer belt for men has become just as popular as it is for women.

Let’s take a look at waist trainers including what they are, what to look for when buying one, and if men can expect to see the same results as women.

Why do we use waist trainers? There are two different types of waist trainers on the market: the waist trainer and the waist trimmer belt. The waist trainer is typically used to help men achieve a desired shape, such as a waist that is narrower than the shoulders and hips. The waist trimmer belt is used during workouts to increase sweat and to help support the back.

Both waist trainers and waist trimmers are usually made from latex or neoprene, a material that is known for its insulating properties and thermal comfort. The waist trainer fits tightly around the waist so it’s important to select the correct size. When worn, both latex and neoprene may increase body temperature throughout a workout which can cause the body to sweat more. This can lead to water loss and result in weight reduction that, although temporary, is a good way to kick-start the weight loss process.1

Ready to get started wearing a waist trainer? Here’s what else you need to know.

How To Use A Men’s Waist Trimmer

Waist training is a process that’s going to take a bit of time, so be prepared to spend a few weeks working towards your desired shape. Waist trainers cover the body all the way from the stomach area up to the upper abs, fitting snugly around the torso.

Waist trimmers are meant to be worn anywhere at any time whether you’re doing a workout at the gym or going to work. Start out slowly, wearing the trainer until you start to feel discomfort – then take the trainer off, working up to being able to wear the trainer for a few hours each day. Many HexoFire Delta Prime reviews note that they like to combine the natural testosterone support with a waist trainer.

Here are a few additional tips for wearing a guy waist trainer:

  • Wear a thin, spandex shirt underneath the waist trainer for additional comfort.
  • When closing in the back, the waist trimmer should pull in your stomach tightly without having any skin extend or bulge over the top.
  • You should feel no pain when wearing the trainer.
  • For comfort, remove the waist trainer when eating.
  • Stay well hydrated when wearing the trimmer.
  • Extend the wear of waist trainers by washing every few days. Hand wash with warm water and a mild soap, following the manufacturer instructions for drying.

men's waist trimmer benefits

Do Waist Trainers Work For Men?

Using a waist trainer may have several benefits for both men and women. Here are some men’s waist trainer results to consider:

Temporary Weight Loss – Although a waist trainer won’t help on its own with permanent weight loss, it can be used for temporary fluid weight loss. The more the body sweats, the more fluid is lost. Research shows that sweat loss can amount up to 2% of body mass lost during a workout, all of which is water. This slight loss in weight may physiologically inspire men to continue on a healthy weight loss program.2

Slimming Effect – Although they won’t help you lose weight, wearing a waist trainer may create a slimming effect, helping you look thinner.

Back Support – Wearing a waist trimmer, particularly when working out, may provide back support and reduce muscle fatigue. Research using 40 subjects shows that after 6 months of wearing a waist trainer, their chronic lower back pain had improved.3

Improve Posture – While wearing a waist trimmer, it becomes uncomfortable to slouch when sitting and standing. This may help you focus on and improve your posture.

Waist Trainer Body Building

In addition to weight and fat loss, waist trainers have other benefits for men. When worn during a workout (like pendlay rows), body builders and weightlifters can gain additional body support to the lower back muscles and abdomen area. This can help lower the risk of injury or pulling a muscle during a workout.

Waist trainers fit snugly so they also provide a warming sensation which can help to soothe sore muscles and speed up muscle recovery after an intense workout.

Male Waist Trainer Cautions

Although safe to use, there are a few precautions to take when using an athletic waist trainer:

  • Waist trimmers can cause dehydration from loss of fluids from sweating. Drink plenty of water when wearing a trimmer.
  • If worn too tightly over a long period of time, trainers can limit oxygen and blood flow to the internal organs.
  • A side effect of wearing waist trainers too tightly is skin irritation.
  • Waist trainers create some compression of the internal organs such as the lungs and liver. While for most people this is not a health concern, if worn too tightly over a long period of time, a waist trainer may be harmful for anyone who has a medical problem with their kidneys, liver, or intestines.

Best Waist Trainer For Men

When choosing a waist trainer, there are some specific things to look for. Select a high quality trainer belt that will give you the results you’re looking for and that also fits you correctly. Look for waist trainers that are made with good quality materials and that have the correct design.

Here’s what to look for in a waist trainer:

  • Reliable brands that receive good reviews.
  • Material that is comfortable and breathable.
  • High quality latex material or neoprene that won’t irritate your skin and that is known for its insulating properties.
  • Well-made closure such as Velcro. Velcro is comfortable and will allow the trainer to stay tightly in place while still being flexible.
  • Moisture repelling liner. Not only will the lining initiate more body heat, causing you to sweat more, it will also keep the waist trainer tightly in place without slipping or shifting position.
  • Good quality “bones”. These bones keep the trainer from rolling up.
  • Adjustable trainers that you can tighten and adjust for comfort.

Where To Buy a Waist Shaper For Men

You’ll be able to purchase a waist shaper both in local stores and online. Check out sports stores and department stores for competitive prices. Or research online, reading reviews from other consumers about their experience using a particular brand.

When it comes to price, you can expect to pay anywhere from $15.00 up to $75.00 for a top quality waist trainer.

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